What is Zoekkapper.nl all about?

Zoekkapper.nl is a Dutch online way of finding hairdressers in your area. Thanks to our advanced search engine consumers looking for a haidresser find just the hairdresser specialist they are looking for in their own neighbourhoods in the Netherlands.

Consumers looking for a hairdresser go to our profiles page and select a hairdresser who is available at the time requested and whose profile is to the liking of the consumer.

Become a hairdresser on Zoekkapper.nl?

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Just complete your profile on our profiles page and add a recent picture!


It is easy to advertise on Zoekkapper.nl, whether you are a local business or a nation wide company. Dutch people are frequent visitors of Zoekkapper.nl. Fill out the form and specify the term you choose to advertise, upload your logo, ready! The area-specific pages create interesting opportunities for local businesses! The general pages are suitable for big names in haircare, health, fashion, education and more.